Patient and Care Companion Guide

Your Room

  • All of our rooms have the highest hygiene requirements and comfort.
  • Your room is going to be completely sanitized before your arrival, and this service will be provided all day long.
  • Unless your doctor gives an extra instruction, bed linens will be changed every two days.
  • The floor covering of your room is made of a material which prevents micro-organisms.
  • Patient rooms and medical fields are surrounded by an air-conditioning system which can be adjusted by the user. HEPA filtered healthy air is given to whole areas, and as a result of this system, your room windows cannot be opened. Please contact your floor supervisor for the instructions.
  • All rooms have private bathroom, television, air conditioning, telephone and suite rooms have a mini fridge.
  • You may arrange the positioning of your bed, control the lights and call your nurse.
  • Your room could be changed due to the necessities during the day. Please consider that the fee for single room, double room and suit room ara different.
  • There is no toilet brush in your room due to hygiene requirements. Please do not hesitate to call in our 24-hour cleaning team in case of need.

Rules for Visitors

  • Visitors cannot be accepted after 10:00 pm in our hospital. Please do not insist on your request.
  • If patient’s primary doctor does not allow visitors, please do not insist.
  • Please be kind to other patients during your visit. Do not forget that they are patients and please keep your voice down and keep your visit as short as possible.
  • More than two visitors at a time is not allowed in our hospital.
  • Hands must be washed before and after your visit.
  • Food is not allowed for the visits.
  • Flowers are not allowed in patient rooms unless they are artificial. You may hand in your present to our security team. They will make sure it will be delivered to your patient during his/her discharge.
  • Visitor rules are different for instensive care patients and also patients with contagious and epidemic diseases.

Rules for Companions

  • Only one companion may be accepted for a patient. Daily meals are included to the room service.
  • For the intensive care patients and patients with infectious and epidemic diseases, companions could not be accepted.
  • May we ask our companions to consider the comfort of other patients by speaking and acting carefully.
  • May we remind that complying the menu is very important for the health of our patient.
  • Patient and companion instructions will be given by the patient’s nurse. Please listen carefully, and follow the instructions.
  • A companion could be arranged for our patient’s witohut a compaion. Please contact with our Head Nurse.
  • Male companions cannot be accepted in double rooms on 5th floor.

Room Phone

Patient rooms are closed to dial external numbers. If you need to call an external number, please contact with your floor supervisor. Your room number is your internal code, if you want to accept an external phone call please notify that your room number should be dialed after calling 0090266 372 00 00.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Cafeteria 1820
  • Security 1057
  • Patient Relations -1920
  • Responsible Nurse 3rd Floor- 1300
  • Responsible Nurse 4th Floor -1400
  • Responsible Nurse 5th Floor-1500
  • Hospitalization 1067
  • Patient Discharge 1068
  • Private Insurances 1065
  • Information Desk 1066

Internet Service

Wi-fi access is possible in our hospital. You may have the password from the information desk on your floor.


Patient menus are arranged through the direction of patient’s primary doctor and the approval of our dietician.

  • Breakfast: 06.30 am – 08.30 am
  • Lunch: 11.30 am - 13.00
  • Dinner: 17.30 – 19.30 during winter and 18.00 – 20.00 during summer

Refreshments are served to your room if necessary.

Bringing food into the hospital is not allowed.


  • Our hospital is monitored with indoor security system 7/24.
  • We suggest you not to bring your valuables with you but if necessary please keep them safe.
  • Our hospital has been built with intelligent building technologies and the highest level of protection is provided in case of natural disasters and fire.
  • Our staff is educated and trained in terms of disaster and fire plans, you will be directed in case of an emergency.
  • Our staff is using hospital ID cards.
  • Patient informations are confidential.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire hospital, 24 hours active smoke detectors are placed in every spot.

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