Department of Cardiology deals with heart and circulatory system diseases. Heart attack, coronary heart failure, heart rhythm and transmission disorders, heart valve diseases, vascular diseases, hypertension (High Blood Pressure) are some of the diseases diagnosed and treated in our hospital.

The diagnostic and therapeutic tools used in the Cardiology Department are as follows;

ECG: Cardiac muscle and conduction system functioning and cardiac electrical activity are recorded on paper in order to be observed. Recording is done by means of electrodes which are placed in various parts of the body.

Effort Test: The data recorded during ECG is recorded when the patient is making effort. The blood pressure, pulse and ECG recordings are taken regularly during physical activity on the walking band.
Efficacy test takes about 15-20 minutes on average. It is carried out on a treadmill that increases the pitch and speed at regular intervals and under the supervision of a technician.

Blood Pressure Holter: A system that the patient carries on 24 hours a day, daily life activities, and the regular recording of blood pressure during sleep. The daily life is continued with a small jewel attached to the arm, and after 24 hours the device is removed and transferred to the computer environment that it has recorded. In the light of the obtained information, the treatment plan of the patient is established.

Rhythm Holter: When a patient carries over a 24-hour clock, the electrical activity in the heart is recorded during the day and during sleep. Electrodes of the device that can be attached to the belt are bonded to the chest region. The electrodes are soft and do not disturb the patient in daily life. At the end of the specified period, the device is removed and the gore hospital treatment is planned for the registration information.

Coronary Angiography: Imaging is performed by delivering high density fluid to the veins. This fluid, called contrast agent, allows the veins to be clearly displayed under x-rays. With angiography, problems like congestion, enlargement, constriction can be detected. During the procedure, a balloon or stent can be inserted by interfering with the area where obstruction or constriction is detected.

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