Our goal in our hospital operating in the rapidly developing Gulf Region;

  • To create and maintain a competent institutionalized structure,
  • To provide a suitable environment for team work,
  • It is to work with the staff who are educated, equipped, hospital and health care culture.

Private Edremit Körfez Hospital; It has adopted the principle of providing services by combining the applications required for the satisfaction of patients and their relatives with a strong cadre with uninterrupted and effective way with modern medicine. For this purpose, our Human Resources department's primary goal was employee training.

We aim to employ people who are qualified, have a high level of education, open to innovations, who have the potential to develop themselves, and who can do team work, and aim to improve these people through continuous training programs, effective performance and reward systems.


Our recruitment process is aimed at bringing the people who are in compliance with our human resources policy, the behavioral and professional knowledge applicable to the position, the innovator with the skills, the team worker and the ones who are open to learning and self- .

Our Training and Development Opportunities

We provide internal and external trainings to improve our employees' behavioral skills in the direction of our culture and values, and the knowledge and skills that will contribute to their duties.

We are working with the goal of creating a professional business environment and career development opportunities that will continuously improve the motivation of employees by improving quality improvement processes and systems.

Open positions

  • Anesthesia and Reanimation Specialist
  • Child Health and Diseases Specialist
  • Eye Diseases Specialist
  • Cardiology Specialist
  • Call Center

Application Form

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  • If the applicant will give you an error message via a form due to a technical problem, please mail to

Application Form

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